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20 Instant Search Engines for Popular Websites in One Place

By sudharsan

November 23, 2010
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Few weeks back Google smashed the search industry by introducing google instant features to its search engine. Instant feature allow user to view the results as they type which got massive attention amoung Internet users.

After the launch of google instant, many search engines started to update instant features to their search results. Here I compiled some popular instant search engines for popular websites like bing, wiki, youtube etc., So you can enjoy the instant experience with all of you favourite websites.

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instant logoInstantise – Get Instant Search for 15+ Popular websites

How cool it will be if you get instant search for all popular website at one place. from instantise you can able to get instant search for 15+ popular websites like wiki, ebay, amazon etc., in a single place.

instantise logo png

—  Try it here

Still you are not satisfied with the facilities delivered by instantise you can check some of other search engines powered by instant search feature.

1. Bing Instant

bing instant logo

Try it here

2. Instant Domain search

You can able to search domain name instantly in all popular web hosting sites like hostgator, hostmonster etc., with domain price list. 😀

domize instant search logo

Try Domize

Try Instant domain search

Try Shoutdomains

3. Instant Image Search

instant google image search

Try it here

4. Map Search

google map logo pngTry it here

5. Instant Search for WP Blogs

Now you can able to update your blog with instant features so your readers can get instant experience of google. At present there is no proper plugin for this but if you have good knowledge in editing theme you can try this tutor.

wpinstant search logo png

Check this Tutor

6. Facebook Instant

fbinstant logo png

Try it here

7. iTunes Instant Search

itunes instant search logo png

Try it here

8.Instant WIKI Search

wiki instant search logo pngTry it here

9. Flickr Search

flickr instatn search logo png

Try it here

10. Reddit Search

reddit instant search logo png

Try it here

11. Instant GMAIL Search

gmail instant search logoTry it here

12. Instant Linked-in Search

linked in logo pngTry it here

13. Instant Apps Search

app store instant search logo png Try it here

14. Twitter Instant

twitter instant search logo png

Try Manmohanjit twitter project

Try Twitinstant

Try Pongsocket – Twitter instant

16. Youtube Instant

youtube instant logo png Try it here

Waiting for your Instant comments  😀

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