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20 Cool & Intresting Websites on Internet – Internet Tricks

By sudharsan

November 15, 2010
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Check out some of the cool website which you should never miss on internet. All these websites mentioned here are very unique and interesting on its own. I had already shared all these website as a single separate post in my blog, now I put all those links in a single page as a roundup article which is easy for the user to navigate all the content of my blog easily.

cool websites

1. Privnote

confidential information in online

This website allows you to send confidential information i.e self destructive email via internet. After reading the message link self-destruct itself so it is safe and cannot be retrieved by anyone 😀

2. Million Dollar Homepage

million dollar homepage

You can see ads in website while surfing any website but do you know a site which contains millions of ad in a single page ? Million dollar homepage is a site created by a Alex tew to earn money online, the concept is, for every 1 pixel = 1 Ad, the same way he had earned about million dollars by using that single site 😀

3. SnaP

make preview of website

By signup and installing snap code in your blog will allow users to preview of any link in your blog. The links may point to other site or to your internal pages but you can preview it before clicking the link like google preview features in SERP.

4. Bhuvan – Google Earth Alternatives

google earth alternative

As you all know about google earth which allow user to view any location of the world easily. Similar to google earth ISRO released bhuvan which is a good alternative to google earth. Just try this guys.

5. Spy on Websites

spy on websites

If you want to know a website hosted ip address, website owners adsense id & analytic id, last updated  of that website, no of websites hosted in that same ip address etc., you can check this website which provide all those information for you.

6. Spy PIG

To know when your email is read by recepients

Spypig is a excellent and cool  service to know when your email is read by recipients, it will notify you by an email when your recepient open the email which you’ve sent to him.

7. 440+ Character SMS logo

There are many SMS sites on internet but there is some limitation in character you are sending but allow users to send 400+ character per SM. To use this service just register your mobile number in their site.

8. File Dropper

send 5gb files online

Using file dropper you can share 5GB of file easily there is no need to register in their website. This service is really helpful if you need to send huge size of files with your friends.

9. Send Email from others ID –

send email from others id

Now you can send E-mail from others email id without their knowledge there is no hacking involved in this method so it isgood prank to play with your friends. Don’t miss it.

10. Make URL Loooooooooong

make your url long
You might have heared about URL shortner services but do you know about a service which make your URL long.

11. Disposable Mail

As the name says you can create your own email id which live for only 10 minutes & then it will expires automatically. It is mainly used to prank friends and to avoid SPAM and unwanted sign ups.

12. Website Preview in 60+ Browser

Now its easy to preview your website or blog in different 60+ different browser to test drive your theme. It will be very useful for web designers and bloggers.

13. Get your Digital Signature

my live signature

This is a cool service to get you digital signature so that you can use it as your signature in blogs and forums. It will create a brand look about yourself.

14. Invisible Status Checker [yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, ICQ etc.,]

Invisible checker

Now you can check who is invisible in all top networks like  (yahoo, hotmail, msn(live), gmail, etc.,). It is one of the oldest method for checking but still some of site is working fine.

15. Ping.FM

update social website in seconds

If you have account in many social networking & bookmarking websites it will be very difficult to update all the site at once, check this link for cool solution 😀

16. Death Timer

Know your death date

Deathtimer will tell you how long will u survive in this materialistic world. By answering some simple question you can know your date of your death 😮

17. Browser Choice – Latest version of All Browser

download all browser at one place

You can easily download latest version of all popular browser at single place there is no need to visit the official website of that site to download the software. This will reduce our time and makes surfing very easy.

18. Hands Symphony

create music with hands

Manualism, is the Art of making sounds[music] using your hands. Just by squeezing air through the hands you can make incredible music. Hands Symphony is a website where you can make your own music with your hands.

19. know URL

know url

Know URL is a usefull website where you can able to check whether “Short URL” link of twitter tweets is Harmfull [or] Safe to click.

20. Webempires – Visualize the web

webempires visualize the web

Webempires is a cool website which helps you to visualize the stats of your blog or a website as s result it create a brand impression about your blog.

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