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Why Google Image Traffic is Useless & Dangerous for TECH Blogs ?

By sudharsan

October 30, 2010
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Google image is one of the popular search engine for searching images which is used by many users around internet. They search for images and screen shots by typing particular keyword related to the image, then google will display the result from millions of blogs and site around the world within some seconds.

Bloggers optimize the image which they are using in their blog post to get index and rank well in  google images so that they can get some traffic and exposure to their images. If your blog is a tutorial or any photography blog traffic from image search will be useful But do you why it is useless for TECH related blogs ?

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1. Increase Bounce rate

Traffic from google images will surely increase your bounce rate, user generally visit your site via image search, their intention is just to see or download the image not to read your article, so they will surely quit your blog soon after downloading the image, so your bounce rate and time spend in your site will surely affected.

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2. Useless Traffic

Because you are not running any design or  image hosting site to make user to download and see your images via search engine for that specific keyword, you are just adding image to make article attractive for your readers.

The traffic from these image search engines won’t improve your blog performance so you cannot earn money, loyal visitors, subscribers through this image traffic.

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3. Hotlink – Bandwidth theft

Main thing is, there is high possibilities of stealing your bandwidth by hotlinking your images in their site or blog as a result it will affect your server bandwidth which will ruin your blog performance badly.

Final Words –

There is nothing wrong in optimizing your site for google images but the thing is you can’t do anything with that traffic.

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