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MGID Traffic Exchange – Double your Blog Traffic in A Week

By sudharsan

October 7, 2010
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Traffic is the key factor for your blog popularity and earnings. How much traffic your blog is getting that much you can earn money from your blogs and can gain huge popularity.

Bloggers use different techniques to drive traffic for their blog, some use social network like facebook and twitter to drive traffic and some geeks optimize their blog to increase their search engine traffic.

But it is always a tough JOB for a new bloggers to get traffic because they don’t have a big social media base and also they don’t know how to optimize their blog for search engine. Here comes a good solutions for them :D

mgid logo traffic
MGID stand for Media Guide Internet Database, is an online catalog, a news aggregator, a targeted advertising platform, and a blog traffic exchange system all in one!

How MGID works -

By placing their widget in your blog, it automatically displays  interesting posts from other blogs in their network and also it automatically submit your blog articles to be featured in other blogs in their network.

They claim that this widget has capability to deliver traffic of 150-300% for every visit, if a user click on the widget from your blog and sees any link, you can get 2-3 visitors to your blog in return :D

MGID widgets

It is available in 3 sizes 3×2 | 4×2 | 4×1 widgets. Just sign up the form and select the size of the widget and place it in your blog sidebar or below the post.

Features of MGID

– Available in 4 types

1. News widget (Now 150-300%)
2. News pop-under
3. Magic pop-under
4.  Rubber widget

– Buy traffic at low rates

– Banner Advertising

– Publishers and Advertisers account etc.,

Click here - Sign Up form & Demo

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51 thoughts on “MGID Traffic Exchange – Double your Blog Traffic in A Week

  1. Nice , but the problem here was people who come via their widget to your blog where time passers .

    In this scenario if your blog doesn’t have funny images or quotes or attractive things then the ppl will instantly move from your blog ,this will increase our bounce rate.

    • Totally agree with you Balaji……
      That’s the main reason Y i removed MGID from my blog :P
      BUt this widget is very helpful for New bloggers to get exposure for their blog post..

  2. Hey sudarshan MGID did contact me too, but I declined their offer, I don’t think no one get a lot of traffic from them as the thumbnail first take us to their site and the we can navigate to the content we were looking for.

    Though its just my opinion, what do you say?

  3. One more question from me too ?

    1 ) What if my blog is not having images then How can I get traffic from other blogs ?

    2) Does it increase Bounce rate ? as our visitors also going out from our blog

  4. Nice post dude, well yes I agree that MGID does give a good amount of traffic but I do not want to risk a good reputation with Google since I have read some where that google adsense does not allow traffic exchange sites. Also I think most of the time they show totally unrelated post and some times they often show 18+ pics so I rather prefer staying away from it.

    I have been to your blog after a long time, have been busy with office work. Hope so you are fine and blogging is going good.

    • Recently i too read an article about traffic exchange program in google policies, i think it won’t affect Adsense account because many popular blogs are using traffic exchange widget :D

      BTW I’m fine and my blogging is going good bro… :D

  5. @sudharsan

    Hmm, interesting, I was wondering what those things were on some blogs. In Russia we call those things “teasers”. There’s a lot known about those and one of the most understood things is that they work well mostly for “recreational” traffic – yeah, “Top bodybuilders”, “Super tanks” – that’ll work. “How to build your blog” – that’s not going to attract right audience (or any audience at all). Well, that’s for teasers, I’m not sure how well that translates into MGID.

  6. I used MGID myself as an experiment on one site and it is my highest referrer traffic, but still amounts to under 10% of my total site traffic. But the visitors tend to not leave comments or convert to subscribers. Like any traffic exchange program it brings in pageviews which improves your analytics but little other value.

    Still, MGID is better than some of the other ones which can have questionable content linking off of your site.

  7. Hi Sudharsan, I have tried mgid on my blog and it’s proven that it increaased my bounce rate. I think most of the traffic that mgid brings are only time passers who only need to see some women pics. So I decided to remove the widget and prefer doing another SEO efforts.

    But for you guys who has a site contains weird picture, amazing pictures or maybe some models pics, you should try this. My blog is a blogging tips niche and I have to conclude that mgid is not working for the niche.

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