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MGID Traffic Exchange – Double your Blog Traffic in A Week

By sudharsan

October 7, 2010
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Traffic is the key factor for your blog popularity and earnings. How much traffic your blog is getting that much you can earn money from your blogs and can gain huge popularity.

Bloggers use different techniques to drive traffic for their blog, some use social network like facebook and twitter to drive traffic and some geeks optimize their blog to increase their search engine traffic.

But it is always a tough JOB for a new bloggers to get traffic because they don’t have a big social media base and also they don’t know how to optimize their blog for search engine. Here comes a good solutions for them 😀

mgid logo traffic
MGID stand for Media Guide Internet Database, is an online catalog, a news aggregator, a targeted advertising platform, and a blog traffic exchange system all in one!

How MGID works –

By placing their widget in your blog, it automatically displays  interesting posts from other blogs in their network and also it automatically submit your blog articles to be featured in other blogs in their network.

They claim that this widget has capability to deliver traffic of 150-300% for every visit, if a user click on the widget from your blog and sees any link, you can get 2-3 visitors to your blog in return 😀

MGID widgets

It is available in 3 sizes 3×2 | 4×2 | 4×1 widgets. Just sign up the form and select the size of the widget and place it in your blog sidebar or below the post.

Features of MGID

— Available in 4 types

1. News widget (Now 150-300%)
2. News pop-under
3. Magic pop-under
4.  Rubber widget

— Buy traffic at low rates

— Banner Advertising

— Publishers and Advertisers account etc.,

Click here Sign Up form & Demo

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