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Advertise your Business on 10+ TOP Social NetworkinG Sites

By sudharsan

October 13, 2010
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Social network is the best place to engage with people of different kinds and country. Millions of people addicted to social network to connect with their friends and spouse, really it shrinked the whole world under one roof.

Because of its over crowd it turns out to be the good place to advertise products and business. It is easy to market product in social network because it has capacity to capture variety of audience world wide which is impossible in real world.

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list of social networking sites

Here are some popular and best social networking sites which allows you to advertise with them, just give a try. It is slightly different from Google Adwords.

Merits of Advertising on Social Network sites

1. An Ultimate Business tool.

2. Easy to capture huge audience in a short time.

3. An alternative to Google adwords.

4. Earn more profilts.

5. Easy Branding of your products.

6. Very social.

Before checking the list, know how online advertising works, its types, and how to opt out Advertising cookies for better privacy.

1. Advertise on Facebook

facebook ads logo

Do readHow to Increase Facebook follower Base to your Fanpage 😀

2. Advertise on Myspace

myspace ads logo

3. Sponsored Tweets for Twitter

SponsoredTweets logo

Do check Free Tactics or Secrets to Increase Twitter followers in a Month.

4. Advertise on Linked IN

linked in direct ads logo

5. Advertise on ORKUT

orkut Ads  logo

6. Advertise on Hi5

hi5 logo

7. Advertise on Tagged

get tagged logo

8. Advertise on BeBo

bebo logo

9. Advertise with IbiBo

ibibo logo

10. Advertise with Friendster

friendster logo

11. Advertise with Multiply

multiply logo ads

12. Advertise with Last.Fm logo

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