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15 Cool & Usefull NotepaD Tricks to Play with your Friends

By sudharsan

October 1, 2010
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Notepad, one of the best text editor in the world. It is used for taking notes, writing codes etc., Have you tried it for playing with your friends.

Here is a Roundup Articles of my previous Notepad tricks collection of my blog. These tricks will show you what are the things you can do with your notepad.notepad tricks

1. Unlimited Downloads from Rapidshare and Megaupload

Here is a simple notepad tricks to download unlimited from Rapidshare, Megaupload file sharing websites.

2. Basic Trick to Become a Hacker !!!

Create fake virus in your computer, this is a good notepad tricks to play with your friends

3. Invisible folder

Make an invisible folder, so that no one can see your folder which is too personal 4 u. Its a good alternate for locking your personal files

4. Simple way to Shutdown your computer

Now u can shutdown your computer using notepad and say bye…. to tradition ways ( turn off) of closing your computer

5. Test Anti-virus Efficiency with Notepad

You can easily test your anti-virus program with a simple notepad trick, so that you can easily know the efficiency of your anti-virus program

6. Kill Your Enemy’s Computer

Its nothing but emptying the system32 folder of OS in your computer, so that your computer cannot boot b’coz system32 is essential folder which is needed for booting and all the core operation of OS.

7. Terminate Frozen Programs in a Seconds

You may have a chance to face a problem that “program not responding” error, while loading lot of data in windows. This trick will make full stop to such problems.

8. Frustrate Your Friend

You can frustrate your friend by showing repeated messages in the notepad, by following this simple notepad tricks.

9. Somebody stop Me..

By using this simple code given below you can make the notepad open continuously with non stop..

10. Make your CD Drive MAD

You can make your Cd-drive to open & close repeatedly.

11. Ghost Rider

Make your keyboard keys to type continuously (non-stop)

12. Toggle capslock continuously

It makes your capslock LED to blink continuously.

13. George Bush Tricks

This is another cool tricks with notepad.

14. 9/11 Attack in your PC

The flight that hit the world trade center is Q33n. Do you want make that 9/11 attack again, that too in your computer.

The flight that hit the world trade center is Q33n
Do you want make that 9/11 attack again, that too in your computer. follow these simple steps..
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