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Increase Facebook Fans for FREE: Tips to Get 100 fans/Week

By sudharsan

September 16, 2010
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Facebook become one of the 3rd most populated country 😛 in the world because it has over 500 million active users. So it is the best social network sites to promote your online business and blogs.

If you want to promote any online business, facebook fanpage is the best place to do it, so many companies are ready to pay huge amount to increase their fan base. But it is easy to get fans in facebook, just you have to know the trick of how to do it. That’s it…

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1. “Fanpage Exchange”

This is how the most of the bloggers and 3rd party companies increase their fan base for their blog and to their customers. Its very simple and effective way to increase your fans base.

— Ask your friends to suggest your fanpage to all of his friends, while inviting ask your them to select all his friends using chrome and firefox addons mentioned below and do it for them vice versa 😛

Don’t forget –  Select all facebook friends in a singe click

— Do fanpage exchange with your friends who are very active in facebook so you can get more fans for your blog.

— Don’t go viral because there is a chance of getting your account banned because of facebook privacy policies, recently they had tightened their privacy to add more friends in facebook.

My ExperiencE –

At the end of July i have only 220 fans for my blog after doing this trick my blog fans jumped to 790+ within 45 days 😀

2. Integrate “Like Box” in your Blog

If your blog is a popular, you can integrate like box or fanpage widget in your blog to get maximum exposure to your fan page, so that it is easy for your loyal readers and visitors to become your fans 😀

facebook like box

3. Content Is King

content is king

Posting quality article will attract many readers to your blog and so you can get more fans to your fanpage. Having thousands of fans without quality content is totally useless. So try to make quality content in your niche.

4. Frequent Updates

It increase your fans indirectly, if you update your fanpage regularly with quality article it will be published on your friends or fans wall so it can be read by their friends. So there is a chance of turning out your friends to become your fans easily.

5. Host Competition in your Blog

blog competition

Host any competition in your blog, ask the competitors to become your fans in facebook and share your post in their facebook wall. Award the winners with any gifts or cash awards  in return, this will surely help for a new bloggers to create a good comunity around their blog.

6. Paid Service

I’m sure if you follow these tips you can get most out from facebook fanpage but if  you think its not enough for your business or  blog you can buy facebook fans from trusted 3rd party serivces or companies.

Do check – 10 Trusted Sites to Buy Facebook Fans, Friends, Likes

7. If you like my Article become My Fan in Facebook 😛

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