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5 Quick Tips to Prevent yourself from Web Attacks

By srivathsan

September 22, 2010
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This is a Guest Post written by Srivathsan G.K, a passionate blogger and editor of MadrasGeek.

Being a casual web surfer and an internet user, most of the time you search for solutions and seek the help desk because your system machine has infected and error warnings while browsing the web. You might have installed powerful antivirus or internet security suite, but that doesn’t mean that you can be involved in malicious activities. In fact you should be very careful while surfing the web and know some basic tips before getting yourself into trouble and protect yourself from web attacks.

Don’t become one among the web users who have become vulnerable. Most of the times, we users become prey to these injected codes because with out knowing the actual effects we are forced or prompted to install some executable files. So even you’re antivirus doesn’t detect it completely. As a internet user for past 3 to 4 years, I have self learned many things and experienced many hijacks, so from them am sharing some of tips to pre-caution yourself from these kind of web attacks.

Tip  #1

Keep your OS, browser, and browser plugins up-to-date. When you lack updating your browser and browser plugins, when ever you surf some websites, it prompts you to install some plugins which are malicious, so due to this you’re getting infected. Always keep your system and other neccessary tools up-to-date.

Tip #2

Run anti-virus software, and keep this up-to-date, too. Anti-virus, Internet security, PC repair and maintaince tools are very much needed. Get an All in one Antivirus Internet security suite, so that it protects your system as well as your online web life. Make sure, you get an Original licensed version of these tools and so that it will be updated to the latest one. Investing in these kind of tools are worthy and must. Buying a original antivirus software lets you to update to the latest version and thereby it protects you from the latest threats that are shaking all around the web. Personally I strongly recommend to go with Kaspersky Antivirus + Internet security suite.

Tip #3

Disable or uninstall any software or browser plug-ins you don’t use – this reduces your vulnerability surface. Keeping an unused software or uninstalling the software program in irregular way (like not using the proper uninstall button and straight away deleting the program files folder as such) will lead to registry errors and makes your system to face web attacks and other issues.

Tip #4

Suppose If you receive a PDF attachment in Gmail, select “View” to view it in Gmail Google docs instead of downloading it. If you want to edit those files, you can do it directly over Google docs. So don’t download anything from mail which comes from untrustable sources.

Tip #5

Sometimes you may face hack attacks and phishing attacks (fake pages) make sure you visit your bank authorised websites which are showing with HTTPS (SSL certified websites). When ever you login to any website, just check once the address bar and make sure you enter into correct website with correct URL. For eg : suppose if you’re entering into your bank website say, and never enter your credentials into wrong phishing pages like

So these are some basic tips for beginners who browse the web and tech savvy people do share you tips here so that other people get benefited.

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