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10+ Easy & Free Ways to Increase Twitter Followers in a Month

By sudharsan

September 8, 2010
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Twitter marketing is the best tool to market your blog or online business. In order to market our blog in twitter we need strong follower base for our profile. There is no much privacy restriction in following or adding friends like we have in Facebook.

So no need to pay money to third party service to increase your follower base. Just follow these tips for a month you will be amazed by the performance.

twitter logo with followers

Follow and Get followed

This is first and best techniques to get more twitter followers, if you check some popular blog twitter profile they may get much traffic but they have less twitter followers. The reason is they won’t follow all the persons following them, so if you want a massive follower list follow the people following you.

If you follow 100 people you will surely get at east 50 followers in return.

Note – Use twitter tool to unfollow people who are not following you because there is a certain limits in twitter to follow people.

Niche and Good Tweets

Decide your niche of what are you going to tweet in your time line. Tweeting the current events and happening around your niche will surely improve your follower base. Don’t spam your time line with tweets by auto feeding blog updates and tweeting all things you get.

Share Twitter id in Social sites

Don’t forget to add your twitter profile badge in your blog or in other social media sites, so that it is easy for people to follow you and get your updates.

Use it While Commenting

In some blogs while commenting you may be asked to give your twitter username in comment field. Don’t hesitate to give your twitter profile id there so that it may increase your profile pagerank and exposure of your twitter profile.

Use #FollowFriday  #ff

Follow Friday is another best way to maximize your followers list, suggest some good tweeples from your list by using #ff tag they will also start to suggest you to follow.

Good Example –

#FF @sudharsanece: An Passionate Blogger and a Social Media enthusiast. Follow to get latest updates from Blogosphere.

Interact with Followers

RT their article and help them @ right situations, it will create a good impression about you among your followers and so they love to suggest you to their friends using #FF. This is basic step to become power twitter user.

Use Follow Suggestion by Twitter

Recently twitter started to suggest people to follow like facebook suggestion in facebook. Follow the people if you like because most of time twitter shows mutual freinds suggestion so it is good for SEO

Author Bio

Most of the users not caring care about their author bio because they don’t know it is the <meta information> used by google to show in SERP.

twitter meta descriptions

Having a good bio info will help users to find their niche followers because there are some users in twitter who will tweet

For Example

Rather than writing traditional bio, you can write

I tweet about #blogging and #SEO related stuffs, follow me to get instant updates

This type of BIO will make other user to find and follow you easily.

Professional looking Profile

It don’t have any direct connection to increase your followers but it will create a brand impression about your profile. Try to have a good logo and professional design for your twitter profile.

Do read20+ Branding Tips for Effective WEB Marketing


This is a powerful method to get more RT’s and followers in twitter. If you ask me this is
the thing which make twitter different and unique from other social sites. Use proper and popular hashtags used by power twitter users in your niche.

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Be a celebrity 😛


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