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Trick – Get a Call from Your Own Mobile Number

By sudharsan

August 10, 2010
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Is it possible to get a call from my mobile number ?

When you call to your mobile from your own mobile number, you will get “Busy Tone” as reply because no one can all to his own number using his cellphone.

Animated incoming call

It is a Myth about mobile phones that you cant call from your mobile number. But there is a tricks to do this one..

— Just Dial *140*6575# from your mobile or cell phone.

— You will get a message like “Request in progress plzz wait”.

— Within a minute You will get a incoming call from your own Mobile number which you are using  😛

I had tried this trick in many mobiles, it is working with some mobile. So try this one in your mobile and share your experience 😀

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