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Soople – Advanced Search in Google like an Expert

By sudharsan

August 9, 2010
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Google, the best search engine which is rocking the internet industry. It frequent updates of its algorithm, make google better search engine in the world. Recently they updated Google caffeine algorithm to their search.

You might have seen many sites giving tips to make Advanced search in google with operators like +, -, * etc., and some other terms to make most out of search.


It is very difficult for a end users to use these tips and search in google. So I’ve come up with this site which enables you to search effectively in google like an expert.

Soople – It has a wide number of Advanced option to search google effectively and easily, no need to know advanced search operators and tips. In simple words, it is like GUI – graphical user interface which has many pre-designed options than CUI – command user interface.

Features in Soople

– Normal search

– Search Realtime

– Advanced Muisc, movies and images search

– Search Multiple site at once

– Advanced search  inside a website

– Definition

– Search in US

– Who’s linking to ur site

– Search for latest “Stocks news

– Phonebook

Have a lot of Google-fun 😀

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