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Monitor all Your Facebook Friends Updates @ 360° view

By sudharsan

August 26, 2010
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R u getting updates from all of your friends in your profile ? Have you checked this ..

If you have less friends you may get all updates from your friends but in my case, im having 1500+ friends in facebook but i’m getting updates from only 100-150 friend in my wall. Then what about remaining friends ? where they gone ?

Earth 360 birds eye view

The Reason is:– Facebook only show active friends [interaction with each other] updates in your wall. For example do this trick, Stop engaging  [like, comment, chat] to any one of your friends in facebook and check after 2-3 weeks, you wont get any of his updates on your wall 😀

For a business man or a blogger like me, if we miss 70% of my friends update it will surely a great drawback and it is also  a tough job for to check all the status from their profile.

So, what to do now ?

Just follow this Simple Trick –

— After log-in to your facebook account check the left sidebar, you can see a option “friends

monitor all friends update

1– Click “friends” options to check recent changes made in your profile like their profile pictures, relation status etc.,

2– Click on “Status updates” to check all of your friends updaes without missing.[ Here you can only get status update by them, you can’t see the links or pictures uploaded by them]

3– Next option you see in the above image is Bloggers – It is a list created by me to monitor some particular group of persons. You can create your own group and add your friends to that list to monitor them personally.

For example – Same like the List that we have in Twitter

Whether you are getting all Updates from your friends ? Share your Experiences………

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