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#Hashtags – Importance of Using it in Your Upcoming Tweets

By sudharsan

August 7, 2010
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Before getting into the topic, whether you use #hashtags for your tweets ?

A week back, My Guest post about twitter got published on, in that article some bloggers commented that they are not using hastags for their tweets as they dont know about hashtags. So i like to share importance of hashtags for a tweets.

hashtags importance

Hashtags is a powerfulway to reach millions of people or groups of same niche. Just by adding hash(#) symbol for any keywords in your tweets, you are optimizing the tweets to make it visible in twitter search results.

It is like doing SEO for a post to make it visible in search engines, the same way #hashtags is very important for TSO – Twitter Search Optimization 😛 to make it visible on twitter search results

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For Example-

  • If you share or tweet of latest news about Iphone release, how do u reach the news to millions of iphone lovers around the world ?
  • If your tweets has the hastags like #iphone, it will be very easy for twitter to show in its search result. So if a user search for recent news about Iphone in twitter, he can able to see your tweets at that particular time because twitter is Real time.
  • Your tweets can earn maximum exposure and can reach to a particular community like [iphone lovers] as you see in my example.
    The same thing is applicable for all niche’s, so use hastags for some your keywords or group name in your tweets.
  • For a tweet about Social Media you can use hastags like #SEM – search engine marketing, #SMM – Social Media marketing ….etc.,

Hastags can be used for keywords, famous personalities, Groups, Organizations and trending topics in the world.

Stay tuned to my blog, i will post about popular Hashtags used by bloggers and webmaster.

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