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5 Best and Popular Image Editing Tools for Bloggers

By sudharsan

August 13, 2010
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Images plays a important role in our blog post and traffic too. We cant make a new image or pictures for a blog but we can make images more interactive than other.

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Purpose of using Image editing tool by designer is completely different from Bloggers. We are not designing any graphics for our blog, we just want to make our blog visually appealing for readers.

Best image editing tools bloggers

Here i’ve mentioned 5 image editing tools which is used by 95% of blogger around the world.

Editor’s PickSnagit and JinG is best tools for blogger

#1 – Snagit

This is one the best image editing tool for bloggers. It not only allows you to edit photos but it has many options for creating more interactive image for your business purpose.

Features –

— Design attractive flowchart

— Screen shoot with tutor

Snagit logo

— Image editing

—  Making Hotspots

— Making tags

— Easy sharing [ FTP included ]

Download link Snagit

If you once used this tool, im sure you no need anything other than this. 😛

#2 – JinG

jing screenshot

Best alternative for snagit, It also enables you to capture and record screen. It makes the project and sharing information more interactive and easier.
You can send your screenshot directly to and easy to share it with your friends via emails.

Download LinkJing

#3 – GimP

gimp super logoGNU Image Manipulation Program, on of the Best image editing tool. It has a wide variety of options available compared with photoshop which make me to think that it is a best alternative for photoshop.

Download Link Gimp

#4 –

It’s not MS-paint as you have in your computer, is a Simple, intuitive, and innovative user interface. Main features is, it has tabbed document interface to handle multiple images easily.


#5 – Photoshop

photoshop design logo

In my view photoshop is not suite for Bloggeers because it is mainly created for designers. Because of its popularity among bloggers and its effectiveness, i included photoshop  in this list.

If you are a blogger, use above mentioned tools than using this.

Download linkPhotoshop

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