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Follow and Get Tweets from 200+ Indian Bloggers in a click

By sudharsan

July 26, 2010
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Twitter is becoming popular day by day, it is the best social n/w site after facebook. You can get current news about the world or in your niche instantly.

indian bloggers in twitter

Your twitter profile value depends on how much you have Quality follwers and how you are engaging with them. It is always good for blogger to interact  with fellow blogger in their niche and share their views.

How cool it will be if you get a chance to engage with 200+ Indian bloggers in a single place.

After much struggle i had created a massive list of 200+ Indian blogger id’s in twitter. I will frequently update this list and try to make it updated,  so you can also get exposure from more than 200 bloggers in future.

Why i should follow this Lsit ?

— You can get tweets from 200 bloggers at one place, so it is very easy for you to get maximum exposure about Blogging and hot events around Blogosphere.

— You can also follow them if you like their tweets, there is no need for RSS and E-mail subscriptions

— Very easy to Interact with fellow blogger which can create a good social media base for your blog.

Increase your page views, Traffic  and also you can get more RTs.

Follow this list – 200+ @Indian Bloggers

If you really like this list, feel free to follow me – @sudharsanece

Plz share your Twitter id’s  if you are not in this list.

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