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15+ Tips to Increase Your Blog Pageviews

By sudharsan

June 4, 2010
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Here is a 20+ tips to skyrocket or increase your Pageviews of your blog as a result you can decrease your bounce rate too…

Page views is nothing but how many pages a single user visit in your blog at a time.

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increase page views tips

Analyze your Article

Imagine, now a user is reading a article about “importance of logo for a blog” in your blog, after reading that article, he will be thinking of  “how to generate logo or Logo maker software” to make his own logo for his company or blog..

Isn’t it ??

If you had written an article about logo making in your blog, plzz place the link in the post whenever needed. By doing this your reader will pleased with your blog and there is a high chance of becoming loyal readers too.

Don’t let your readers to move out from your blog, give maximum amount information to your readers. But don’t be SPAM

Optimize “Side bar”

Optimizing means you can use your sidebar to increase your page views by adding some widget in sidebar.

— Popular post widget

— Recent Post widget

— Tag cloud

— Recent commented post

— Category section

— Adding “favorite post” in the sidebar

Your readers will surely get a good exposure to your article by doing this and you can also easily increase your pageviews

Optimize “Footer”

Many Blogger won’t  care about the importance of the Footer. If you  see some successful blogs, they had optimized their footer for SEO and ultimately it increases page views also

Just you can do all the things that i had given in “optimize sidebar” points for optimizing your footer

Magazine themes

“Magazine themes” has so many options embedded in it, like what are the things that i had said in previous points, so it is very easy to customize your blog.

So it is advisable to use “Magazine themes” if possible

Eye catching titles

Eye catching titles is very important to make your readers to stick with your blog.

For Example :-

If you have written a post about “tips to increase comments” you can give the title as “Killer tips to increase comments“,  “10+ or 20+ tips increase comments” similarly.

So that your readers will be kindled to read that articles.

Content is King

If you really have a good content with some post interlink to that, you can surely increase your pageviews of your blog. So always present good content to the readers

Optimize “404 pages”

Dont give any single chance for your readers to move away from your blog. You can optimize your 404 pages by placing your “popular post” or “Recent post” of your blog and make your 404 pages very useful.

Show Related Post

User will be thinking of moving out from your blog after reading your article, if you place related post widget at the end of the post it will be very usefull for you as well as for your readers too…

Show at least 5-7 related post with or without thumbnails.

I used this technique and doubled my page views within a month :-)

Remove “In-text Ads”

If your blog is new and you have to make money, then skip this step.

For other, if possible remove “In-text Ads”  like Infolinks and kontera from your blog, as it may irritates your readers a and it may affect your interlinking of article very hard as a result low pageviews for your blog

Less “Outbound links”

keep Outbound links or Exit links from your site very less, it will surely affect your site bounce rate very much. If you have many links to other site, user will be easily move out from your blog via Exit links.

Optimize “Landing page”

Landing page is nothing but the page of your blog visited by the user at first time..

For Example –

If a user comes to your Article “Tips to increase your comments” by google search or some other things. That page is the landing page of that user in your blog.

Check your Analytic tools for “landing pages” and interlink wisely to make your readers to stick with your blog

Differentiate your links

While interlinking the post make sure that you had given different color for linking the post. Same colour for your Text and Link will surely confuse your readers, so it is advisable to give different color for your links inside the post

Easy Navigation

Tweak your themes for easy navigation for your readers. You can use “Page-navigation” plugin which shows how many pages that your blog has..

increase pageviews

It will be easy for your readers to navigate through that links and they can able to get more exposure to your blog post.

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Use “SEO smart link” plugin

This plugin is very useful to interlink the article of your blog automatically based on the keyword density.

Download linkSeo Smart link plugin

Make your “search box” visible

By making your “search box” visible to the user will surely increase page views of your blog. You can make it visible at the sidebar or at the End of the post or place it in Header section

Improve your “loading speed”

If your page is loading very slow as it is very messed up, your readers will be irritated and they will move out from your blog very soon.

Your loading speed ultimately result in your bounce rate and pageviews

Check your website speed with 3+ Google suggested tools

Plzz share your tips to increase pagevierws ??

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