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Play “Deal or No Deal” Game in Command Prompt !!

By sudharsan

May 23, 2010
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Deal or No deal is a very popular game show rocking in Sun TV. It is the Tamil version of the Irish Endemol’s Game show.

deal or no deal in computer
Now you can also play this game in your computer via command prompt. This is a good Computer tricks for command prompt

Short intro about the Game

The contestants will be allowed to choose any one of the 26 suitcases, not knowing the value inside the suitcase. From there on, the contestant’s objective is to walk away with maximum possible amount of money through a process of opening the other 25 boxes and deciding to “deal or not to deal” with the mysterious [selfish tooo..he he] banker, who offers to buy the contestant’s suitcase offering varying amounts of cash at different stages throughout the show. By playing this game you have a chance to win 50 lakhs

How to Play ??

— just download this Notepad file — Deal or No deal

— Save it as “deal or no deal.bat” extension.

— and click the .exe of the file u had created now…

That’s it

Start playing and earn more and more virtual money…cheers !! :-p

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