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20+ Killer Tips to increase comments of your blog or website

By sudharsan

May 4, 2010
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Comments are more essential for a blog as a proof of  readers engagement in your blog. Here is the 20 tips to increase or skyrocket your Blog comments.

increae commentsIf you are a new blogger, just follow the below First 7 essential points.

Don’t bother about the other points, because the other points surely Boost your comments but it is not a basic things or Must things…

Basic 7 tips for New Bloggers

1. Give and Take Policy

This is very important tips for a newbie blogger should engage. If they comment on other sites, surely 100000 percent they will get comments back in response.

so, start commenting on other blog in your niche..

2. Make your Blog “Do-follow”

Make your blog as “Do-follow” blog. It is the first and must thing that a new blogger should do. PR is calculated by how much Do-follow links you have in other blogs.

So bloggers will be pleased to make comments in a Do-follow blog

Download link – Do-follow

3. Good content

Though you make comments on other blog a good content is surely needed to increase your comments and make it as a appreciable one.

4. Remove “Captacha” and “Signups”

As we all know commenting is the toughest job in blogging because it requires a lot of time. There are some bloggers who use captacha or other signups methods for commenting sections in order to avoid spam

Guys…There are many plugins to do this job. Akismet is a good plugins in the industry.

Avoid captacha and other methods, otherwise your readers will get irritated and start to avoid your blog soon.

5. Top commentator widget

You can use Top commentator widget in your blog, which displays Top commentators of that particular month in your blog.

See my blog Top Commentator in sidebar under “Active GEEk’s”

Download link – Top commentator widget

6. Two Rupee Two laddu “Comment Luv”

By using this Comment Luv plugins you can easily allow your reader to make comment  in your site with two links to their blog. So  your reader will be very pleased to comments in your site as they are getting more exposure to their blog post.

7. Build or Engage in a “Community”

build or engage in community

This is the best way to increase your blog comments.

If you have 20-30 fellow bloggers in your community and if you make comments on their blog regularly, they will surely comment back in your site.

As you engage in a community and become well known person, threading comments will also increase.

This practise will be helpfull when you are in absence [i.e., during exam times]to keep your blog as same as before

Other Essential Tips to Boost your Blog comments

8.  Ask Question and “Kindle their knowledge”

Asking Question will surely kindle the readers to make comments in your blog.You can ask question at last of your blog post.

Some common Questions for you to Ask–

what do you think Guys ??
Is this good ??
Any experience share with us.

9. Controversial Topic

To increase “valuable” comments you can write controversial topic in your blog. By writing this type of topic you can earn more threading comments. Readers engagement will surely be high because of this kind of posts.

10. Respond or Answer to them

Be quick in responding to their comments and answer them if they have any doubt. If you do so, it will surely create a good impression on your blog and they will surely make comments regularly

There is a high chance of getting “Loyal reader” by doing this simple trick

11. Good Traffic

Lol…ya guys heavy traffic also increase your blog comments.  You can check out Mashable and Techcrunch, they have very good readers community.

If we comments in a high traffic blog, it will surely reach a millions of people and there is a chance of getting more visitors via “Exit links” to your blog

So readers will be pleased if you have high traffic.

12. High Pagerank + “Do-follow” links

Do u need anything more than this ???

If your blog has High PR with Do-follow tag, then there is no need of anything else to increase comments. But it is harder to find out this type of blog.

Check out my 5+ tips to increase your pagerank – Instantly

Example :-

Those sites having high PR + Do follow tag, they have a high readers engagement in my Blogosphere.

13. Reward your commentators

reward your commentator

Commentators are very important for a blog.

You can reward your commentators by Hosting any competition in your blog like Top commentator award and reward them by giving  any cash
prize or at least you can give free banner Ads for them..

14. Say “Thanks” to your commentators

Whenever your readers make comments in your blog they will get “Thank U” message directly to their mail inbox. So it will surely create a Good impression on your blog.

Download – Thank Me later plugin

15. Make “List Post” in your blog

Really, List post consists of a huge amount of resources to the reader. Having the list post of 10+ or 20+ will surely help you in driving a lot of comments to your blog.

16. Subscribe comments

When your readers can subscibe to your comments then it will be very easy for them to reply to their comments when they get a new comments or reply.

Download link – Subscribe to comments

17. Enable “Gravator”

Many bloggers love to brand their wesbite or Identity to the world via gravator of a blog. Gravator can easily capture many eyes and so they can get good exposure and readers to their Blog also.

So enabling gravator will surely Boost your blog comments

Download link – wp-Gravatar

18. Recent commentators widget

This is also one of the way of respecting your commentators. By placing this widget in your blog, it will show the recent comments made by your reader for a post.

It will surely benifts the commentators and also it will increase a blog pageviews indirectly

19. Community cloud

This is a small plugin which will show the Top commentators in a cloud format as a keywords. The more comments someone has made on your blog the bigger and bolder their tag.

Dowonload link – Community cloud

20. Intensedebate pluigns

Intensedebate plugin is one of the best plugins for comments.

There is so many options like manage comments, comment luv and Options of Twitter, Facebook ids, comment threading, reply-by-email, reputation points (Thumbs up/down), OpenID compatibility…etc., are embedded within the plugin.

So there is no need of any additional plugin.

It will be easy for your readers to make comments in your blog.

21. Enable Threading comments :-

This plugin enables you to make thread comments and to make  reply to the comments very easily as a result encouraging the very active readers engagement in your blog.

Download link – Thread comments

DO u know any tips other than this … plzz share with us ….

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