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10 Tricks for Unlimited Rapidshare, Megaupload Downloads – Hack waiting time

By sudharsan

April 8, 2010
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Rapidshare and Megaupload are the two major file sharing website in Internet. Many users still unaware of how to download Unlimited files from this website and to Byepass waiting time..

rapidshare and megaupload unlimited downloads

Because of high demand, these websites restrict the download limit, downloading speed and force user to wait for downloading the files.

So, I compiled some tricks here for unlimited downloads and hack waiting time which works very fine for me. Hope it will work for you also..

1. Browser Javascript tricks

— Goto the URL that you want to download and click “free button” for  downloading.

— You can see the timer starts running

— Now type  javascript:alert(c=2) in your Address bar of your browser

— Hit enter

— Click Ok in the popup box

That’s it..

Now you can see the downloading screen appears in the browser…

It works fine but some problem may occur in this tricks. Here i mentioned the problem and solutions

Solution to problem…

1. In case the timer didn’t stop, tyou can also assign value of C=2,3 … in the javacript alert code

Example – javascript:alert(c=3)

2. If you find a warning messages like this..

rapidshare error message

Just refresh the page, your file will start downloading automatically…

2. Flushdns method

We had discussed about this method in the post. This is one of the most used and powerful method

Check thisRapidshare unlimited using FlushDns Method

3. Firefox Addons

Here is a 3 Addons which helps you to Byepass waiting time..

For Megaupload use this AddonMegaupload NO TIME + AUTO DOWNLOAD

For Rapidshare use  SkipScreen AddonINCREDIBLE Rapidshare and Megaupload download helper.

4. Premium Account

rapidshare premium upgrade

yeah Frnds…
you can signup for a premium accounts.

This is the best and legal way to do so… he he :-)

Rapidshare Premium Account – Signup

Megaupload Premium Account – Signup

5.proxy websites & Software

You can use proxywebsite to download the files…

Proxy softwareDownload here

100+ Proxy website link

6. Restart modems and clear cookies

This is the most common way to download unlimited files. When you finish your downloads just restart your modem and clear all cookies..

And start downloading the next files…

7. IP-Hider software

You can also use Ip-hider or tools which will hide your Ip-address and start downloading unlimited files..

Download IP – Hider Platinum

Clear cookies after downloading every files…

8. premium Link generator

Premium Link generator is nothing but generating Premium link without money.

cool..isn’t it ??

Eventhough you don’t have any premium accounts you can use this website or tools to download files like premium users

Rapidshare50+ Rapidshare premium link generator sites

Megaupload50+ Megaupload Premium link generator

Bonus info32 sites for Rapidshare premium link generator

9. Rapidshare Download Manager

Rapidshare download manager is a cool software which helps you to download multiple without doing any tricks.

Download link

10. Do u know any tricks like this please share with us ….

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