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MAC Address commands – For all Operating system

By sudharsan

January 15, 2010
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We had already discussed about what is Mac address ? and  how to know Mac address of your computer in win-xp

Here, i had presented a list commands on how to know Mac address in different Os

Mac address commands for all os

Currently i can’t show you the  procedure to know your MAC address  because i’m using only windows operating system, i don’t have any awareness about other operating system

List of commands :-

Linux ->  ifconfig -a

Unix -> ifconfig -a

Solaris -> /sbin/ifconfig -a

Free Bsd & Net Bsd -> ifconfig -a

Open Bsd -> netstat -in

OpenUNIX/SCO UnixWare -> ndstat

HP unix -> /usr/sbin/lanscan

SGI unix -> netstat -ia

For more information & procedure you can refer here

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