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BSNL Wi-Fi Modem security tutor

By sudharsan

December 18, 2009
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<i>bsnl wi-fi modem security</i>

bsnl wi-fi modem security

As we know that BSNL is N0.1 company in internet network, providing wide range of service all over india

As a result of this many Hackers wish to hack BSNL modems(wi-fi modems) & trying to misuse it by sending fake mails & other activities…

Do u know:-

Diaster on 26/11 in india which mainly involves hacking of WI-FI network of other id…

To prevent BSNL wi-fi Broadband modem’s like..

* Huawei MT 841
* Huawei WA 1003A
* UTSTAR WA 3002G4

To secure your modems download this tutor given below :-

BSNL modem security

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